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Who'd a thunk it, we're still here and now it's 2011! That's nearly dinner time! But wait... you're new to the area? Or just seen it on the edge of a map of Brighton? Peacehaven Online is here to guide you through the trial that we call Life and the tribulation we call East Sussex... and we have our forum if you feel short-changed and want to contact other curious bystanders.

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We here at Peacehaven Online have all the answers. Want to know the time? We've got it written down on a piece of paper. Want to register a complaint? That parrot's just pining. And what's more, that money was just resting in our account.

Unfortunately we have had to prevent "guests" from posting in the forum due to the usual ignoramus multitudes eventually finding us. Still you can always view it without signing up, and for those with a longer stay in mind it's free to sign up for your own username - whereupon you're allowed to post. So whether you're new in town or just curious about Peacehaven, that unrenowned but thumping post-WWI metropolitan hub between Saltdean and Newhaven, then pop in and see what's going on!

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